Longing for some girl time with your bestie? We know how you feel, and have set up some ladies only trips for the ‘adventure girls‘. No reason not to live your dreams now. Adventure trips for women designed to help women connect with wild places, themselves, and each other through exciting and educational, outdoor adventures in dream locations. Sign up solo or with you best bud, and know that you have an instant group of travel companions and future life-long friends to share your adventure with

A women’s safari is a chance to relax, meet new people, make new friendships and enjoy Africa at a pace that’s right for you, doing the things that you love, in safety and comfort.

We enjoy bringing our expertise to designing trips that are tailored to our female clients’ individual interests and goals, where you’re putting the strictures of society aside for a while to learn, explore and challenge yourself (or not) in a non-competitive environment with other like-minded women.

The destinations we specialize in are the perfect setting for women of all backgrounds, offering enriching experiences over a wide variety of activity levels, with plenty of opportunities for cultural interaction. All of this takes place against the back drop of extraordinary lodges in enchanting locations, and the ever-amazing African wilderness.

We have designed a wide range of tailor-made safaris for women, from single travelers to philanthropic groups of 14-20, and every group size in between. We design for groups of friends or family, or we use our database to bring women together who have never met before, on planned departures. As with all our safaris, you have the choice of doing an in-depth visit to a single country, or of going on an African safari that visits two or more countries.

We pride ourselves on being innovative and creative in including extras and excursions unique to our women’s safaris, and we are completely flexible in accommodating your choices. On groups of 6 or more, we often provide a female tour leader, each an expert in their particular region.

Activities range from the extreme – a climb of Kilimanjaro, for example, to as relaxing as possible. Particular favorites with our female clients are Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, each offering a different way of experiencing Africa that is often a gentler alternative to the traditional wildlife safari.

Have a look through our safari ideas, and any one of them could be a starting point from which we would put together your safari.